What is RPE in CFE or electricity service? Useful information on the electricity bill

Before starting, it is important to understand the concept of CFE (Federal electricity commission)a Mexican company in charge of providing the electricity supply service through electricity bills.

CFE is legally established and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. In addition, it offers administrative services for managing electricity bills. It is important to mention the term RPE (Public Registry of Electricity), which is essential for people who receive their electricity bill monthly, as it indicates energy consumption over a long period. This term can be found in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

What does RPE mean on my electric bill?

The RPE in the electricity bill is part of an important subjective metric, with the objective of placing a numerical value to what was generated in energy and is when accounting starts. To find out how much it was, they must be multiplied by the time in which it was connected by the intensity, that is, the total energy consumption. In English, the RPE is equivalent to the Rate of Perceived Exertion. It can be consulted through the official website of the CFE.

For the people who receive the electricity bill, the meaning of this acronym is relevant. Because even when the company or the administrative services of the Federal Electricity Commission meterthey must verify the consumption according to these measurements.

If it is very excessive, by law and regulation, the administrative services are obliged to make a discount on the invoice and return the excess collected in previous receipts. In this way, the assets that are attached to this company are protected, which must also keep honest accounts. Many cases have been reported that customers prefer to have a power plant.

Although it is also important to mention that if the meter has a problem caused by consumption for energy saving, then the regulation you can sue the original owner of the affiliated property and the client can go to prison.

What is RTT in CFE?

Light is a use that in Mexico is quite demandable by law. And, there have been problems in individuals who They work at the Federal Electricity Commission. According to the official newspaper of the federation, they want a great administration.

Light is a use that in Mexico is quite demandable by law. According to the official newspaper of the federation, there have been problems in the individuals who work in the Federal electricity commission. I want a great administration, even though it has very strict regulations for the personnel that performs a contract. Consequently, when they sign with them, the new members of the team are granted a Temporary Worker Registration, which is a number that seeks to identify them as legal and valid as the RUT in Mexico. Given that for improper things or that are outside the regulations, staff can go to prison for breaching the contract.

If the number is transferred to someone else, a violation of its use occurs, according to the official gazette of the federation. This type of number is also useful due to the last agreement reached by Suterm with the administration of the Federal Electricity Commission. A worker with a contract of more than 25 years or being part of the accounting of this electricity company, can be retired. In such a way that the CFE ensures that if a worker has reached 55 years of age and has the previous service, then will be ready for licensing. Although, also, he has practiced for 30 years, no matter how old he is, then he can retire.

If the company does not comply with these terms, can be sued and the person responsible goes to prison. Above all, because it is unreasonable to refuse to comply with the natural rights that every worker possesses.

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