What is ‘Cashback’ on credit cards, cars and Rappi?

Cashback is a very popular tool in banks and application services, since it implies a refund that the entity gives you for using its card. However, many users do not know what this process is or that they can earn some money. So, in this article we will explain the meaning of cash back and its involvement in credit cards. It also specifies how it is executed in rappi, in cars, in various banks such as cashback discover.

What is cashback discover?

With each passing day it becomes more common for commerce to be digitized, since it is possible to observe the increase in online services offered. So many companies move their catalog of products and advertising to the web market. What causes the emergence of other companies such as Rappi that take advantage of the situation to offer delivery services through apps. This same helps promote programs such as self coaching, which motivates the entrepreneurs themselves to develop or benefits such as cashback.

Cashback is a digital tool that many businesses have adopted in their buying and selling process. Well, through this, the Aztec bank, the agricultural bank, Banorte and many others in the world grant benefits to its users. What is most striking is that both sides win, both the entity and the client.

In that sense, let’s start with discover cashback, which is a service provided by the Discover company. This is a bank that provides the customer or user a credit card if required, although debit cards are generally used. Therefore, it offers a bank account in which you have the possibility of saving money.

Now, the cashback discover is a process of accumulating funds that occurs every time you pay in a store for a purchase. So the company Discover rewards the user for a credit or debit card from your bank in a store. The benefit is that, with every transaction over a dollar, the company will pocket you a 1 percent accrual. So, if you buy only one Christmas chest, then you won’t generate much. It is valid to withdraw your profit from the pot when you reach the 20 dollars saved with a giftcard.

What is cashback in Rappi?

Cashback in Rappi is also possible, since this company took out a kind of credit or debit card. Therefore, it is now possible to obtain 1% of accumulated money with each purchase with said card in online stores, applications or a physical store. However, the cashback in Rappi goes further by offering 5% when a plane ticket sale, a car reservation or a room rental is achieved.

What is cashback on credit cards?

Traditional banks have gone along with the procedure and many of them offer their own type of cashback. However, most of them place the condition that the accumulated is only valid on the credit card. Despite this, it is still a great incentive for the user to use their device in their daily purchases.

What is cashback at Banco Azteca?

Banco Azteca is a very friendly entity with its users, since it constantly offers benefits. For example, you have a N26 discount program in all stores in clothes or food. The condition is that the Banco Azteca account is used and it applies to credit cards, however, there are also other services for debit cards. In the same way, how much with a classification of gold, silver and bronze with which to divide the prizes that the clients will obtain.

What is cashback in Santander?

Santander bank offers the cashback service to its users as a reward for the loyalty shown. In this sense, this entity gives people discounts for each purchase they make in an allied trade. Apart from that, when using the card 2% accumulates in a restaurant or cinema of the amount of the sale to your savings. In pharmacies, the accumulation amounts to three percent, so it is a very good option to use the Banco Santander service.

What is cashback at Banco Agrícola?

Banco Agrícola allows customers to save a little money and at the same time generate a small amount of loyalty benefit. Well, with some stores they reached an agreement to reduce the discount up to 10 or 15% of the amount applied on credit cards. In addition, an accumulated balance of 1% of the total cost is generated in your agricultural bank account. Which can be attached to the rest of the money in order to continue buying in other establishments.

What is cashback in Banorte?

Banorte, like Santander, offer the user the possibility of using their debit card. In addition, this entity also works as the agricultural bank does, since it allows the discount and savings to be executed in your payroll account. Banorte gives the possibility of acquiring up to 10% accumulated when paying in some affiliated establishments. However, in others not so close, savings can drop to 2%.

What is cashback on cars?

Cashback on cars implies one of the highest savings on the market. Well, the cars have a high value and the larger the sum, the greater amount the bank ‘gifts’ you. So, it is advisable to pay by credit card when looking for a car in a store.

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