What is an EDR in finance? Know this financial term

Virus analysis and control programs or virtual attacks are very important, especially when working in a company that stores accounting data and information. That is why, in this article, we explain what is an EDR in the world of finance. So that companies can have a file protection system that keeps company accounting safe. In addition, its function will be seen, a comparison with an RBS is made and an example will be shown.

What is the EDR in finance and accounting?

When talking about EDR technology, you have to know how to differentiate the subject in question. Well, with these acronyms it is possible to refer to the Bluetooth EDR system, a tool that helped improve the sending of data from one computer to another. However, it is also feasible to enter the business and accounting field.

Finance controls the world, because it is through them that commercial operations are carried out. That is, the purchases sales, market values, loans of money etc There the figure of the company is very relevant, since they launch products, shares and other assets on the market that keep money in circulation.

However, a company is very vulnerable in terms of its accounting and security. Since, your payroll, balances, transactions and movements may be exposed to cyber attacks. Even to viruses or investigations. That is why finance is related to technology when talking about the EDR system.

In this sense, an EDR refers to the program Endpoint detection and response. Which, in Spanish, could be translated as endpoint detection and response system. Here, it is important to note that an endpoint is a device that has communication with the network. This happens bidirectionally and remotely to the site. They are known as risk points and are the main source of access for internet hackers.

What is an EDR used for in finance?

The security EDR acts as a system that detects these points and activates its defense systems in order to close the access windows. Companies use this protection as a security measure to defend their accounting and databases. Well, EDR is a combination of a conventional antivirus to which a kind of artificial intelligence is added.

Said AI is equipped with tools or technology that allows monitoring the Internet. So they quickly detect potential threats and easily resolve issues. They specialize in silent attacks and that they do not leave much of a trace in cyberspace, warning the user. Therefore, many companies trust this program to have the necessary computer security in their work.

How does an EDR work?

The EDR system fulfills its function in four fundamental steps, detection being the first one. Artificial intelligence and the program machine learning They are the ones that offer this possibility. The second objective is the containment of the malware or violation, for which it deploys a series of security blocks.

Investigation is also part of the EDR system’s job, as simply stopping the attack is not enough. In this sense, an analysis is also executed in order to know the causes of said threat. So, search the net for certain bugs, new viruses or apps with pending updates in order to protect the information.

Finally, the EDR proceeds to delete the file that contained the virus and threatened computer security. In addition, the site of origin and the applications or files with which the virus exchanged data. It is also analyzed if there is a replica of it within the company’s system or software.

Is EDR and RBS the same?

RBS talks about a risk-based security program or device. In this sense, RBS is another type of software that seeks to detect and eliminate potential security flaws computer science that are presented in a company. However, this is based on the fact that there is always some window for risk. That is to say, that the virus, malware or spyware reaches its objectives and infiltrates the files of a company.

The EDR can be considered as a more complete software than the RBS, since it has more features. In this sense, the first one has the function of endpoint detectionTherefore, it maintains constant surveillance of the access points. So, the information and resources of a company are better monitored and protected with this type of program.

Example of EDR in accounting and finance

EDR is a system that works with other tools or applications to provide the best possible security. For example, use analytics apps that are based on the machine learning in terms of malware detection.

In the same way, it uses sandbox in order to analyze the behavior of the files that are downloaded in an operating system. It has YARA rules and scanners that detect intruders and strong threats in a short time. It also gives the facility of create black and white lists about email addresses, Ip’s or websites.

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