Do Blue and Green Go Together? How to Match Your Clothes

Matching two colors is very scary, because it can go very wrong. As a result, most people stick to colors that have the same family tones or are very different. But blue and green don’t fall into either of those categories. Although they belong to the same color family, each of these colors is very different.

Both colors make big statements, so pairing the two seems like a big mistake. However, it is not like that. When worn correctly, blue and green can help you make a statement. So, if you’re wondering, do blue and green go together? Yes, they do, as long as you follow these tips on how to pair them properly.

7 Green and Blue Matching Tips

While green is a statement color, you can’t do your entire outfit in green. It will be strange, so it should be paired with another color. And blue is a perfect choice. Even if it’s a lighter shade or mid or navy blue, it goes well with green.

This is because while green is warm, blue is a cooler shade. So, here are some tips that you can incorporate to make your outfits match perfectly.

1. Navy Blazer or Navy Suit and Green Shirt

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You can accessorize your navy blazer with a green shirt for perfect harmony. You can also do it vice versa. Use a checked shirt or checked suit for a more defined look. You can use any shade of green in your wardrobe to pair with navy blue.

You can also choose a white shirt and add green to the tie. A more textured tie will do the trick, or you can even opt for a blue and green combination tie.

Men can also have a vest in dark green shades. A velvet bottle-green vest with a blue shirt can be a perfect way to pair blue and green. Otherwise, you can wear a white shirt and add a blue tie.

2. Green Jacket with Blue Outfit

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A green jacket is a perfect way to accessorize a blue dress. Whether you’re wearing a blue dress or blue pants, a green jacket is perfect for completing the look.

Go for deep colors like olive, because it helps you combine green not only with blue but with many other colors.

Similarly, you can use a blue jacket to accessorize a green dress. While jackets made of denim are popular, you can also choose from different colors.

3. Green Pants with Blue Tops

Blue Tops

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While blue is often seen in pants, green pants look great too. You can pair your green pants with blue tops or shirts to complete your look.

If you don’t like a blue top, you can use a white top and use blue for accessories like jackets, caps, scarves, bags, and shoes.

4. Blue or Green Purses

Blue Purse

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Blue and green both have beautiful gem colors like citrine, aquamarine, sapphire, emerald, jade, and turquoise. These colors have the power to make you look sophisticated.

Therefore, if you are wearing a green and blue dress, a green dress, a blue dress, or a dress with a combination of colors, you can complete your look with a blue or green purse if necessary.

So, if you lack blue in your outfit, carry a blue sapphire purse to complete your look. And similarly, an emerald clutch will complete your green evening dress.

5. Right Color Shoes

Right Color Shoes

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Shoes! How can they be forgotten? Shoes alone can make a statement. Red pumps with a black dress can steal the whole look. Similarly, you can choose shoes for the necessary pop of color.

You can have green and blue in your dress as well as sandals. But if you have a monochrome dress or green-blue with other combinations like white and brown, you can sneak in another color for your sandals.

So, if you are wearing green pants, wear blue sandals, and vice versa. Similarly, you can coordinate the color of your sandals with the color of your top. So, if your outfit includes a green top and blue pants, wear green sandals.

Plus, if you already have two colors in your outfit, you don’t need to color-coordinate everything. White sandals with a blue and green dress are fine.

It’s harder for men to wear green shoes. This is because all their shoes are either black, white, blue, brown, or maybe yellow, but never green. They don’t have many green accessories in their wardrobe, because they don’t realize the importance of the color.

If you are not sure about green, you can choose darker shades like olive. And contrary to your understanding, an olive green shoe can be very versatile and complement not only your blue blazer or suit but also many other outfits.

Also, try to match your shoes with your belt. This creates a more harmonized and well-rounded look.

6. Green or Blue Jewelry

Green Jewelry

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As a general rule, if you are unsure about any color, invest in accessories first. So, what is the best accessory for gem tones like green and blue? Jewelry.

Sparkling little things stand out and draw attention to themselves. While men who don’t like green can take baby steps and opt for emerald rings, cufflinks, or maybe even a tie bar, women can wear statement jewelry. .

It’s a bold way to combine green and blue and is perfect for occasions where you want to stand out. Even if you don’t want to go all out, simple and minimal jewelry can provide the much-needed pop of color. As both green and blue are gem tones, it adds elegance to any outfit.

7. Scarf


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Scarves are an easy way to bring color closer to your face and add much needed sparkle and contrast. So, if your skin tone would benefit from either of the two colors, that colored scarf should be in your wardrobe.

It’s also a great way to incorporate color into your outfit without over-stressing it.

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